• Feeding your neighborhood

Global food production is facing several crises – a growing population increases the need for solutions.

Excessive fishing

Excessive fishing has reduced fish populations in our oceans by 50%. Aquaculture increases risk of eutrophication through nutrients, hormones and antibiotics.


40% of arable land globally is subject to degradation impacting productivity by 30%, despite increased use of fertilizer and pesticides.


Up to 40% of food is lost between producer and supermarket. Deficient logistics (rotting food) or consumer expectations (perfect fruit) lead to waste.

StadtFarm is being expanded into ten German urban areas, accessing local entrepreneurial investment using a Joint Venture concept. The purpose is to scale and build a consumer brand around StadtFarm products.

We’ve industrialized local organic food production to scale globally.

Already operational and producing 50t of fish and 30t of vegetables.

Our Vision: Be the global market leader for locally-produced, natural food. Set the standards for cutting-edge, Smart Urban Farming.

Truly sustainable – a significant advantage as regulation worldwide gets stricter.

A core part of our system is fish that´s locally produced, animal-friendly, low-impact, and natural.

Allows profitable next gen farming near urban centers as well as fish farming units.

Several years market lead in developing viable AquaTerraPonics systems.

StadtFarm has perfected AquaTerraPonik® technology to be sustainable and profitable.

Farm is maintained through data collection and cloud based management system.

Ambitious growth plan based on Joint Ventures in urban centres.

Our core source of protein offered is African Catfish – for good reasons.

StadtFarm pioneers the farming of African Catfish for local, urban consumption.
It is a core part of our proprietary, closed circuit farming system, which puts resource efficiency first:

Ecology: Zero waste-water, water use reduced by 80%, minimal feed-input*
Animal welfare: high density of aquaculture is a natural, stress-free state for Catfish
Economy: Our catfish reach slaughter weight of 1.5 kg after just 5-6 months

Moving sustainable fish production into our cities will allow our oceans to recuperate as natural biospheres.

Connecting on-farm to online: digital access to local, pure food.

We’re scaling an integrated value chain throughout Germany – and beyond.

Initial StadtFarm already operational in Berlin (COMPLETED)

Build StadtFarms in ten key areas by Joint Venture system (UNDERWAY)

Expand value chain to fish feed, fish leather, and many more.

International expansion

Unlike competitors, BE Food combines plant & fish production using proprietary technology.

Integrated technology, hydroponic and aquaculture production.

Only commercial operator in the world to produce closed-loop.

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